CloudFusion ✅

CloudFusion is a paid hosting company that primarily offers Minecraft Servers, and Discord Bot Hosting with powerful nodes in America and Europe. All of our containers/servers are 24/7, boost SLA and provide 99% uptime for all of our services! Servers are extremely reliable with services from Discord Bot Hosting to Minecraft Hosting, CloudFusion has it all! Support is available via our Dashboard and Discord server. All nodes are highly secured. As a Co-Owner of CloudFusion, I certainly vouch CloudFusion as one of the best hostings.

AshBot ✅

AshBot is going public with an exciting array of commands to revolutionize your server experience! From powerful administrator tools to captivating fun commands, AshBot has got you covered! The all-in-one Discord bot! AshBot was built to be for everyone, not like the moderation bots who target only server owners, AshBot targets both the user and server owners, offering everything other bots lack, it's more secure because it's one bot so the chances of your server being nuked is low.


Solar Hosting ✅

Solar Hosting is a hosting platform for websites and Discord bots with features such as high-performance servers, file security, and support for various programming languages and databases. It is a great option for individuals and organizations looking for an affordable and reliable hosting solution. As a Manager for Solar Hosting, I can vouch that the service is fully available for starter and development bots for free, as well as a amazing premium service, which allows you to take your service to the next level of quality and stability.

CraftConnect Hosting ✅

CraftConnect Hosting is a high-quality paid hosting with budget friendly pricing, accepting payment gateways in the Americas, EU, or Asia. Servers are reliable and fast with plenty of eggs to choose from, whether you need MC Hosting, Bot Hosting, FiveM Hosting, or NGINX Hosting, they've got your back. Support is available 24/7 on their Discord server. Nodes are highly secure, and backups are included at no charge. As a Moderator of CraftConnect Hosting, I can vouch their hosting service.

CraftConnect Hosting
LoganNodes Hosting

LoganNodes Hosting 🟨

LoganNodes Hosting was a free hosting company that a online friend and I founded to host free Minecraft servers and free Discord bots. During the time, it stayed online, we had a website, 3 nodes, with nodes as big as 96 GiB RAM, 24 Cores, & 1 TiB Disk. While, we were happy to take a loss to grow, we soon realized the perks of offering free hosting to developers who needed it the most, we weren't rich and we had a limited amount of money and our hope relied that as the server grew which it did to 1K+ members, we would get a lot of paid customers who would buy the premium servers, we got a few but it was not enough to sustain the hosting and we had to shut down due to a lack of funds. First-time experience being a sys admin.